Extracts from our BREAK FREE manual

FREEMASONRY is full of Paganism, Mysticism, Witchcraft, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Mythology, Cabalism, Rosicrucianism and all World Religions.

It also embraces the god of humanism and the god of self-promotion in fact everything that is not of the true God through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is almost impossible to renounce every word, action, and symbol used in Freemasonry. It’s hidden nature and maze-like organization throughout the 1,000 degrees or more is specifically designed to bring darkness to the masons.

It is not our aim to know all about Freemasonry but God has revealed what we can renounce to sufficiently break it off our lives. We believe this is not the final word on Freemasonry and we are open to the Lord to show us more.


WE PROCLAIM that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us and covers our home, our families, our animals, our possessions, our jobs and our finances.      Amen

HEAVENLY FATHER WE TAKE the authority of Jesus Christ over every spirit that has been connected to all that we have repented of and renounced.

In the name of Jesus Christ and with the sword of the Spirit WE CUT every tie that connects these spirits to the sources of their power, control, legal ground, and entry, into us and every generation of our family line.    Amen

WE BIND these spirits and we cast them from our family and ourselves and command them to go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them, and never to return.     Amen

In the name of Jesus Christ, WE RENOUNCE losing our home or business through bankruptcy or losing our inheritance.   Amen