Break Free Workbook


Break Free from Freemasonry is a working manual

This is a working manual which needs to be done by two or more born again Christians
Designed to set people free from generational bondage's and curses.
Please email us to purchase this life changing manual.

Over four thousand people have already being liberated

...Price in aus dollars $30.00

It's Under the Blood


Problems with Theology, Its All Under The Blood

ALL our sins are forgiven

Step though this manual and count your blessings

...Price in aus dollars $15.00

Freedom from Catholicism


Be free of the Pope and his rules

...Price in aus dollars $25.00

Lawrie's Auto-biography


Life is a Journey onto our website for sale at  $40.00 for a hard copy posted within Australia.


...Price in aus dollars $35.00

Lawrie's Auto-biography e-book


E-Book only

  An email will be sent to you with a link and code to download your e-book

...Price in aus dollars $5.00

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