As an itinerant ministry we wait for the Lord to lead us as to where He wants us to go and by word of mouth. Doors often open as people hear about us after they have experienced a greater freedom from a seminar.

Pastor’s Comments

Very comprehensive – easy to understand and follow, a feeling of “finality” after completing it and sealing it with communion.

Very thorough – thank you for identifying and helping me close all doorways into my families’ history and life from evil and negative influences.

Excellent ministry. Please keep going this is powerful.

The set out of the ‘Break Free’ manual is superb. We enjoyed the afternoon and are planning to do it again, with some friends.

For me this was an eye opener to so many things that we were not and are not aware of. Thank you Jesus.

My wife has received a lot of prayer due to miscarriages. Since we renounced Freemasonry using the Break free manual she has given birth to our first baby.

I’ve been told my preaching has more depth and has become much stronger and more powerful.                                                                 

Awesome! Powerful and thoroughly done with love, concern and the scripture declarations were powerful.         

When Tree of Life came to our church I did not know that a curse was holding me single.   Pastor D.F.

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